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This video is proof. It just goes to show that not everyone should drive a sports car, or any car for that matter. Just because you have a nice car doesn’t make you a good driver.
This kid is driving his dad’s Porsche. He tries to gun it at the light but loses control, surprise! Any logical person would cut their losses at this point, the car jumped the curb and was badly damaged, he should have just parked the car and assessed the damage. This is what he should have done.
Instead, this terrible driver tries to gun it again. He drifts into oncoming traffic and even loses a wheel. The car is completely destroyed but at least no one got hurt.
Kids these days. Listen here young whipper-snappers.
Hahahah @TeamWaffles Yes! That was just put the video over the top
This is like one of those fight or flight situations, the guy didn't know what to do so he tried to flee. That didn't work too well
I LOLed when the wheel went flying off. hahahaha