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This Los Angeles firefighter proves that firefighters are total badasses. The fire department was called to a car that was going up in flames. It’s a tricky situation because the car could be filled with gas, or could explode for a handful of reasons.
Just as the firefighters were attempting to put out the fire with their hose, the car exploded. The firefighter doesn’t even flinch, he just keeps on doing his job.
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Wow, amazing. This guy deserves an award
3 years ago·Reply
I see a thug life video being made out of this
3 years ago·Reply
@RobynSecor Probably already made! Hahahaha
3 years ago·Reply
All firefighters are badass..this is just video evidence
3 years ago·Reply
okay, I just don't understand how cars randomly go from driving down the street to being engulfed in flames and exploding. ?!?!?!
3 years ago·Reply