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I just finished reading Éric Reinhardt's L'Amour et les Forêts in the original French. I savored it over the course of many weeks – each bite is so richly frosted with poetic beauty, sensitive idealism, and joy so delicate that you're afraid to even touch it.
This French-language interview with Reinhardt helped resolve some of my dissatisfaction with the novel's ending. Is there anyone in this world who likes a sad ending? They have only one advantage over happy endings (that I can see): they make you think. Since I finished the novel, it hasn't left my mind.
Did anyone else read this incredible, complex, tragically beautiful novel? I would love to hear your thoughts. On oneirism, on the author's participation in his own fictional world, on the character of Bénédicte Ombredanne, on narration as a burden shared by the author and his creation... and perhaps even on why the ending bothers me still.
@allischaaff Well, I'll have to wait to give it a read then (my French hasn't been used since high school ended, sadly...) but thanks for the suggestion!
I've never read it, but it certainly sounds interesting!
@timeturnerjones It is! Most interesting new fiction I've read in a while. I'm not even sure if there's an English translation out yet...