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First of all, I really like this concept because you can find out what else is out there in the world of kpop. Second, you can see if other people know these songs or not! Anyways, this is my personal list of songs that I think are totally underrated and should get a lot more love and support! These are just a few....ENJOY! PS: it's not in any order at all! 1. 24K- U R SO CUTE Super catchy! And the M/V is really cute and funny! Check out their other songs too! 2. BIGFLO- DELILAH I love this song and Hightop's voice! (Main rapper) Check out their newest song "Bad Mama Jama" too! 3. DEMION- ASK HER OUT The really sad thing is that Demion actually disbanded after this one song... really depressing because they had A LOT of potential to make it. (in my opinion) 4. BEAT WIN- ILLUSION Really like this song!! So catchy and the dance moves always gets stuck in my head. I also really loved their first song which was "She's My Girl". 5. CROSS GENE- SHOOTING STAR (Korean Ver.) You may laugh because of the M/V (a lot of people said they laughed). I personally really like the M/V but you know.. Haters are gonna hate. Check out all of their other songs too! 6. HALO- FEVER Catchy and they are really good dancers! I've listened to their CDs and all the songs are really good. One of my other favorites from them is "California"! 7. LEDAPPLE- RUN TO YOU LedApple aren't that unknown, but they are underrated compared to others. They have some major talent and should be way more famous! 8. MARIO FEAT. BOA (SPICA)- DAMAGE This actually isn't the official M/V because this song doesn't have one.. but OMG. The intensity of their voices is insane. I can hear a lot of emotion in this song. I don't exactly remember how I stummbled across this song, but I'm glad I did! 9. WHEESUNG- NIGHT AND DAY This man isn't that unknown but he should be WAYYYYYY popular. HIS VOICE IS AMAZING. The power and emotion he has in his voice is excellent and this song showcases it beautifully. AMAZING. (And yes, TEENTOP's C.A.P is featured in the M/V. The girl is from a group too, But I'm not really familiar with girl groups..sorry!) 10. ZPZG- GO CRAZY Yes, if you follow EXO Chanyeol on Instagram, this is the band that he posted about months ago.. but I found this song way before. haha. Anyways, another amazingly catchy song and dance moves. LOVE IT! (Plus, one of the members, Kang, is Gikwang's [Beast] cousin!!) So that concludes my list of underrated Kpop songs! Again, this was in no specific order! I hope you guys enjoyed my list and please check out these songs and comment down below your thoughts and feelings on them! :)
Thank you so much for your inspiring comment!! I agree with you 110%. :) @sherrysahar
amazing superb awesome collection you got there love it <3 thanks so much for sharing it i would like to say something and I will try my best to not make it so long but if it does get long forgive me please I just want to say that beautiful, amazing, talented people exists everywhere nd i hope nd pray for every single individual to reach our own destinations in their lives , find their success as they may and these ratings, awards, grades, marks as well as someone judgmental opinion i do wish that it never discourages anyone every single person is unique talented in its own way and I truly admire every single individual in these videos and mvs as well as you all stay blessed and succeed in your life goals as well i wish and pray the best 4 u all... thanks so much for sharing this. superb list.
Wheesung's voice is amazing love songs his soulful rnb voice he is also the man behind Ailee's Success
@sherrysahar very well said! :)
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