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Hi all. Nice to meet you. I'm Gregg, known as @greggr here on Vingle. I'm happy to announce that I'll be returning as Community Moderator for the Creative Writing Community this quarter. Welcome!
This quarter, I am incredibly excited about all the possibilities that are available to us. My friend @Voltron15 will be taking over as community moderator of Poetry, and I think that between these two communities we can have some great writing done!
I hope to be here as a guiding figure not in telling you what is write in wrong in writing, but simply encouraging people to write more and more.
I'll be asked the Community Support members from last quarter to continue to help support everyone's writing in this quarter, too. If you're interested in becoming a support member, let me know!
I hope to continue with some new Community Events as well (in addition to the weekly and monthly writing features which I will be continuing), so please share your ideas on what would make this an even better Creative Writing Community!
Thanks, and welcome again!
Greg, please do tell me how I can share my posts with friends.
Yippeee!! Happy to see you're back :)