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Hey again everyone! Hikers and trekkers, and everyone new, too! My name is Kat, and I'm going to be continuing as hiking community moderator for this quarter. This past quarter, I was hiking moderator and I was trying to really put some more love into hiking :D Thanks to some of you awesome people (@treedweller, @yakwithalan, and more!!) we were able to make so many cool things about hiking this time around.

So let's keep it going! In addition to just sharing cool stuff, I hope that we can get some enw friends into the community as well, so that there can be more discussion and sharing so that the trail tips and more that are going around increase, too!.
So, if you're a hiker (or a walker, or a want-to-be hiker), please drop by, leave some comments, and say hello! We can do more together. It's time to adventure!

Additionally, if you're a hiker or backpacker that would like to join me as community support, please let me know!!

Anyways, hello, and let's get hiking!

Hello, hello!
Hey again! Nice to see you back.