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Hey Guys , an idea just popped into my head after my last post about K-pop Fangirling problems. So here's a new card series where we discuss current trending issues on the K-Pop Fandom. # comment on any topic, it will be included in the next post and everyone gets a say, even suggest topics for discussion and solutions. Here's the first topic ; Hello I'm an 18 year old kpopper with a huge YouTube addiction, I have a concern, HOW DO YOU AS A K-POP FAN FEEL ABOUT THE PSY'S "GAGNAM STYLE ".being. recognized as the only K-pop song by non -K-pop fans (Overrated)and everyone thinking every K-pop song is designed like GS or every K-dance steps involves jumping or dancing like a horse. E.g. Questionnaire: what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of South korea? Non-K-pop Fan: GAGNAM style! #Comments please... do I go ahead with this card# @MattK95 @jiggzy19 @nenegrint14 @Honeysoo @danidee @KpopJunkiesTv @Stephanieduong @callmekaren @kpopandkimchi @aabxo @ PassTheSuga @Ambie @MrsChanyeol @adikiller @chasinghappiness @FarhanaAppiah @harmonico @jimberlykemp @kimokodragon @MC1390 @Miss148 @sherrysahar @snowinseoul etc no offense to all those not tagged. PS: if you're an old K-popper #Comment ILovedKpopbeforeGagnStyle#
I think in order for it to become more popular in the U.S. is on the shoulders if the fans to promote it. Call your local radio stations and ask if they could start playing an occasional kpop song. But, it also rests on the shoulders of the groups themselves to perform more English songs. That is the biggest thing I hear..."how can you listen to music that you can't understand what they are saying". My answer..."I liked the music enough to start studying the language, listening to the music is like working a puzzle to pick out the words I do recognize so far...while listening to the music I like"
It is a little frustrating....who am i kidding, its very frustrating when the only thing non kpopper knows about kpop is Gangnam Style. But its not their fault cause GS was EVERYWHERE! Its a rarity that korean songs get that popular. However, its rather sad that they expect every kpop song to be like GS
I don't see anything wrong with GS. That may be the only song non kpop fans know but that's okay. That'll just make you more curious to know what else there is. And if they Youtube the video they'll come across other kpop videos and broaden their knowledge. GS was the first Korean song played on the radio that only featured music in English (where I live anyway). Now I feel that there are more Kpop songs sneaking their way in because people want to hear more kpop (:
I think we can all agree that Gangnam Style is a really random and crazy music video. So, I think that the majority of people associate kpop with the only M/V they know of. Although, we all know (as kpop fanatics) that there's M/Vs that can make us laugh but also cry. There's just so many LAYERS to kpop that people that think Gangnam Style is what all kpop is. And that's my opinion on Gangnam Style. haha. Thanks for tagging me in this! I seriously got excited because I'm recognized in the Vingle Kpop community! :) I know... I'm lame. haha.
I feel that you can't blame non-K-Pop fans for thinking that Gangnam Style is what all K-Pop is like, if that's all they have ever seen then it understandable that they would draw this conclusion, a little small minded on their part perhaps, but still understandable
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