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K-Pop Issues : Fans Discuss Feelings [GAGNAM STYLE](1)
Hey Guys , an idea just popped into my head after my last post about K-pop Fangirling problems. So here's a new card series where we discuss current trending issues on the K-Pop Fandom. # comment on any topic, it will be included in the next post and everyone gets a say, even suggest topics for discussion and solutions. Here's the first topic ; Hello I'm an 18 year old kpopper with a huge YouTube addiction, I have a concern, HOW DO YOU AS A K-POP FAN FEEL ABOUT THE PSY'S "GAGNAM STYLE ".being. recognized as the only K-pop song by non -K-pop fans (Overrated)and everyone thinking every K-pop song is designed like GS or every K-dance steps involves jumping or dancing like a horse. E.g. Questionnaire: what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of South korea? Non-K-pop Fan: GAGNAM style! #Comments please... do I go ahead with this card# @MattK95 @jiggzy19 @nenegrint14 @Honeysoo @danidee @KpopJunkiesTv @Stephanieduong @callmekaren @kpopandkimchi @aabxo @ PassTheSuga @Ambie @MrsChanyeol @adikiller @chasinghappiness @FarhanaAppiah @harmonico @jimberlykemp @kimokodragon @MC1390 @Miss148 @sherrysahar @snowinseoul etc no offense to all those not tagged. PS: if you're an old K-popper #Comment ILovedKpopbeforeGagnStyle#
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Because people are afraid that they will be made fun of for not following the "social norm"...what they believe society considers normal behavior. I pity fools like this...they miss out on so much in life. I like what I like, and if they laugh...who cares...they don't pay my bills and I don't owe them anything. Why should I care what they think.
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@JackieMurrayCab I couldn't have said it better myself :)
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exactly!! i hate when people say they love kpop and only know gangnam style and dont even say it right
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I don't like that that's all that non-kpop fans know about. And they can't pronounce it correctly. Like, Gangnam Style is a pretty good song but i have heard better songs in kpop.
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