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I don't watch TV, unless I am tricked into marathoning whatever my best friend is addicted to this week with the promise of tea and chit chat. The amount of Teen Wolf references I get but /never wanted to get/ are too many and I can tell you what is going on in Shameless each week without ever seeing an episode.
I saw a list of things that happen when you introduce your favorite show to someone, but I want to give my perspective as the girl who is always forced to watch the shows she never wants to:

1. They start talking about the show

And they never stop. It starts with something innocent like "this reminds me of a show I've been watching..." or "that guy totally looks like a character from..." and that's when you know you're screwed. I've tried everything from smiling and nodding to full-blown ignoring my friend's rants about plots and character development, but there is no stopping her when the flood gates open.

2. They gather other people who love the show

My friend has this ability to find someone in her class, at work, at the store, that loves whatever the hell she loves. Then I am made into the bad best friend for not bonding with her over whatever it is as much as these people do. They gang up on me, have TV nights when I just wanted to hang out, and try to convert me together.

3. The show starts

I am not allowed to leave the couch, I am not allowed to speak, they rewind parts if I "miss it" and they roll their eyes if I ask stupid questions. It's like a college class but the professors are meaner.

4. You feign amusement

I'm a party pooper, I loooove ruining people's fun (or maybe just my best friend's) but even I can't stay that mean for long. My friend clearly is so desperate to share her love for this show that I get into it a little, just a little, to save our friendship.

5. You face the consequences

What do I get for being the nice friend that sits down and watches an episode or two? Text messages after every episode about how one guy is arrested for kidnapping his boyfriend's son from the Russian mail-order-bride and how the episode tore her apart and she is so sad and can't function. Then you log on Tumblr and see the entire episode in gif form reblogged onto your feed, and then its on Instagram, and Twitter, and Facebook, and now she's calling you, and there are photos and video clips blowing up your phone, and you know that this is going to happen next week, same time same place.
Just don't do it. Run, run far away.
(Or just give in...)
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I always just give in....but actually I think I'm the one doing the converting, usually!!!