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It's 30 degrees out, but all I can think about is Colossalcon!
My cosplay plans are nothing short of a mess at this moment, but just the thought of packing mostly swimsuits for cosplays is enough for me to get excited about! Not to mention Colossalcon is the ultimate vacation con! Of course I'm longing for a nice, sunny vacation with my friends!
Everytime I look back at photos of our AKB0048 swimsuit photoshoot I feel like I'm poolside at the Kalahari again!
Photo by: Alex Pinku
Mayuyu: Milkpink
Yukirin: Jenni Bon (me!)
Tomochin: Val
Makoto: Danielle
Do you have any specific "summer" themed cosplays this year?
Ahhhh I have always wanted to go :'( someday!!!
I'm all like: Colossalcon slow down. People still need to pay me for the room and plans finalized and what not. Once it's done tho Colossalcon can time warp to me.
I'm sorry I'm cracking up about that girl photo bombing you hahahaha (you all look great, though!)