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QPR boss Chris Ramsey said during his press conference today that being a minority ethnicity and/or race inadvertently makes it more difficult to find a job managing and/or coaching in football. The comments were made in agreement to ones former Liverpool player and England manager John Barnes said earlier this week, that black managers have a harder time finding a job in professional football in England than others with Barnes himself having been out of a job since late 2011.

The call for more minorities in coaching positions has long been overdue. Sports trainers and the physios have had a little bit of diversity with Liverpool’s physio being of sub-continent background and Chelsea boasting a female physio. In coaching, it’s been less diverse. For example there are only 6 managers of ethnic minority in England’s top 4 tiers, with only 1 (Chris Ramsey) being in the Premier League. The other 5 are broken down with 2 in the Championship, 1 in League One, and 2 in League Two.
The call for a Rooney Rule like that of American Football has now become stronger, which would mandate one minority candidate must be interviewed for the position each time it becomes available. Whether or not the FA or UEFA or FIFA move on the notion as yet to be seen, but certainly in England the call for it would appear justified.

@CitySarajevo I hope so too. He's under-rated. Maybe not on the level of Pulis or Mourinho or anyone like them but still under-rated.
Hope Ramsey keeps the job or can get another one after the season.
It's been long overdue and quite frankly why nothing is in place at this time is astonishing.
@CitySarajevo Definitely needed I don't know why this hasn't come to light sooner.
Rooney Rule long overdue in the sport.