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A few weeks ago we had the Spanish El Clasico; this weekend we have the German Der Klassiker between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. As of yet, injury news is yet to be reported, but we can say that history tells a compelling story.

Bayern, victors in the 2-1 home win at the Allianz Arena earlier this season, are not the full-on favourites for the game as Dortmund were in the midst of disarray last time out, missing players like Hummels from their line-up who has since returned. In fact, Bayern’s win in November was only their 2nd in the last 9 attempts in the league, with Dortmund winning 5 of them and drawing 2.
Dortmund are also, better at home than away historically, boasting a 14-18-13 record all time against the league leaders, scoring 66 to Munich’s 63 in the process. Dortmund however are only 3-4-3 in their last 10 home Bundesliga games against Guardiola’s side so there is certainly no case to point out of either team’s dominance in this case. Dortmund’s revival is something that will be tested this weekend however, as they must face one of their arch rivals with is going to be nothing but an entertaining match.

@Spudsy2061 At least they showed heart. We'll be back next season.
Condolences @GermanBumbleBee but it was a great game.
@CitySarajevo Was a frustrating game.
Was a good game.