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Fellow Vingler, @CupCakeLady inspired me to take a look at other cake creations from She posted a card on here that Charlotte Tyson created from this company for a bride and groom. You can read the card here.
The folks from Sugar Ruffles created this gorgeous cupcake tower for a wedding. I love so many things about this, let me share:
1. Awesome pairing of the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year, Marsala, with ivory
2. Notice the kraft paper cupcake holders
3. Using three different colors, the tops of the cupcakes feature beautiful fondant roses
4. Details like the aged paper "i do" tags and twine add dimension and character
5. Finally, I love the use of the acrylic tower, which is almost invisible
How do you feel about doing cupcakes instead of a cake for your wedding? Pros? Cons? Please leave your comments below.
your "whole <3"? @daniachicago you always put a BIG smile on my face!
This is so adorable. I heart this with my whole <3!
great color combination. I like cupcakes for a wedding.
I would probably have cupcakes in addition to a cake. I just can't get around the cake idea. It just wouldn't be a wedding without it to me.