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You probably have baking soda in your pantry to use in homemade baked goods, and maybe a box in your refrigerator to absorb odors. It turns out that this $1 kitchen staple can also be used as a cheap DIY alternative to many health treatments!

Hair Clarifier

If products build up in your hair, in can take on an almost sticky feeling and a limp appearance.
Baking soda to the rescue: sprinkle a quarter-size amount of baking soda into a dollop of your regular shampoo. Wash and rinse as usual.

Hairbrush Cleaner

Take a close look at your hairbrush and you may be totally grossed out by what you see.
Rather than tossing it into the garbage can, remove this residue by soaking your brushes and combs in a basin of warm water with 1 teaspoon of baking soda for about 20 minutes. Rinse, and then allow to dry on a towel before using.

Facial Scrub

Make your own exfoliating facial scrub using baking soda.
Make a paste of three parts baking soda to one part water. Rub onto your face with gentle, circular strokes, then rinse with warm water.

Body Exfoliator

Your skin will look dull if you allow dry cells to build up on the surface.
No need to buy an expensive scrub; make your own with baking soda by using the same formula as your face: one part water to three parts baking soda.


If you have sensitive skin, you may be able to use a dusting of baking soda in place of store-bought deodorant. Baking soda neutralizes acids and bases, so it removes odors. It also won't stain your clothes!
I think all of our brushes need it. lol @flymetothemoon
Totally trying that hair brush cleaner, lord knows I need it!
This stuff is the Holy Grail.
I've been using that since middle school! @GetFitwithAmy
It's good in toothpaste as well @GetFitwithAmy
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