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This is sorta random and I feel like I'm invading your privacy.. but as the saying says "The curiosity kills the cat" But.... as a kpop fanatic, I basically only listen to kpop on my phone and I thought it would be interesting if we knew what was the most played songs on each other's phones. So I took screenshots of my most played on my phone and this is what it turned out to be! -The first screenshot is my #1 most played and it keeps going down from there! I thought this would be interesting to do and to see what are all of your guys' most played songs? I tag all of you guys to do this! :) ENJOY my most played song list! And yeah.... I really like B.A.P as you can see.. :D
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VOICEMAIL is so good. I like B.A.P way too much to have a favorite song. haha @Ambie
And are they coming back? because I'm not sure with their lawsuit and everything... @Ambie
@StephanieDuong Yeah all of their songs are really good but I have no idea if they are coming back I just wrote that to humor all the babyz around the world
hahaha. Good one. I'm gonna be patiently waiting for their comeback. :) @Ambie
This would have such a different outcome if I had my previous phone. That and I've tried to be wiser with my space on my phone, because honestly K-Pop has invaded my phones space and I'm into Soundcloud♡