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I've been a fan of Lyz Brickley's cosplays for some time (she just is so talented!!), but I never know she had done a Lightning from FFXIII cosplay before!
She made everything out of various thicknesses of foam--some craft foam, some foam taken from mats, etc! All to get different thicknesses and to see how it turned out. Pretty impressive, right? It goes to show that the internet really can teach you anything!!
And the end result is SO awesome! Admittedly, it does look the nicest in the photos that have had a little photoshop enhancement, but she looks great, and I really love the look of this costume. Props to those who have the time (and ability!) to make their own cosplays!!
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Wow, I really thought this was CGI when I first glanced too lol!
Some of the shots look too fake to me (was she at a green screen or really at those places?) but her overall look is spot on.
Her face structure really fits Lightning's. I wonder if she did contouring, or just had the perfect face to begin with!
I thought this was fake. And I am really impressed with how great a job this turned out. Really impressive.
wow reality is so fantastic