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For years I've strayed from Vera Wang bridal gowns, and not because I thought they were ugly, because they are far from ugly. Mainly, I felt like the designs were safe and uninspired. I always felt her silhouettes were on the safe side and therefore, never considered Wang to be on the forefront of fashion design.
Looking at her 2013 Bridal Collection, I have to take a pause and rethink my position.
I have to say that I am mesmerized by these three gowns because of the detail of the bodices and the lace treatment. There are different textures that merge from the back to the front. The neck treatment is so elegant and inspired. To see the entire 2013 Collection, check out
How do you feel about this style of wedding dress? Are you as surprised as I am by the departure from what Vera Wang traditionally shows?
@marshalledgar This just shows one person's dislike could be another person's like. Anyways thanks for sharing Vera Wang's collection. Even though this one is my cup of tea it was interesting to browse at.
Vera Wang is so pretty! OMG! And these are really pretty dresses! OMG! <3
You're right about Wang's designs being wearable, approachable, beautiful and a great all-around option for dress-shopping. But I have to say that it's precisely the reasons that you mention for not liking the collection, that I absolutely love about it. hahaha @modernromance It's funny how we see the same thing but come to different conclusions. Love that! :)
I actually like Vera Wang's simple and sophisticated style approach. I felt like her theme has been the practical bridal wear. You're right about not seeing her as the "fashion-forward" designer. However, her designs are timeless. On the other hand, this new collection is a little too busy-looking for me. I'm not a big fan of the neck detail.
Her dresses are wonderful to look at.
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