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For years I've strayed from Vera Wang bridal gowns, and not because I thought they were ugly, because they are far from ugly. Mainly, I felt like the designs were safe and uninspired. I always felt her silhouettes were on the safe side and therefore, never considered Wang to be on the forefront of fashion design.
Looking at her 2013 Bridal Collection, I have to take a pause and rethink my position.
I have to say that I am mesmerized by these three gowns because of the detail of the bodices and the lace treatment. There are different textures that merge from the back to the front. The neck treatment is so elegant and inspired. To see the entire 2013 Collection, check out
How do you feel about this style of wedding dress? Are you as surprised as I am by the departure from what Vera Wang traditionally shows?
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Thanks for taking a look and sharing your comments. Maybe I will write a card on classic Vera Wang gowns...
These are really pretty. To be honest I am not familiar with the Vera Wang style to know the difference between the older and the newer designs. But I like these dresses. @modernromance I agree the neck nonsense needs to go. But keep the gowns.
Vera Wang is so pretty! OMG! And these are really pretty dresses! OMG! <3
I'm not sure why you aren't into Wang @marshalledgar. I looked at her previous collections and they are not at all boring to me. LOL You just don't like clean design. By that I mean, you like bits of details over here and over there with unexpected shapes and fabrics. Am I right?! Mama Nixon knows all my dear. Don't it be the truth?! haha
Her dresses are wonderful to look at.