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As you all know, I'm a huge fan of Cassey Ho of Blogilates. She's cheerful, super positive, and really pushes me to keep up with pilates. Most of all, she teaches her students to love themselves and to love their bodies no matter what shape or size they are.
I follow her on Tumblr and was surprised to see a rather emotional post from Cassey. It was a screen shot of Tweets responding to hateful YouTube comments she had been receiving. Here's the post:
"If I saw her on the street, I’d just think she was a normal pudgy person who didn’t care about her health." Oh and that’s just touching the surface…You know, I’ve grown a thicker skin to mean comments since I’ve been on YouTube. But tonight, this one got to me. My body is constantly being judged and torn to shreds like a piñata at a birthday party. I’m not writing this message right now to ask for your sympathy comments…I’m writing because I want you to know that it’s NEVER ok to judge my worth and who I am based on how I look. How stupid and shallow is that? Am I here so people can point and gossip? Or am I here to show you how YOU can get your best body and live your best life? Like you, I’m striving to be a better version of myself everyday, and as long as we’re all working hard to reach our OWN potentials daily, that’s all that matters. Your skinny is different than my skinny. Your fat is different than my fat. We need to stop judging, stop comparing, and start focusing our energy on what matters most. And what matters most is how much positive impact you can contribute to this world. My life revolves around YOU and how I can help you find your happiest self physically, mentally, and emotionally. My body is simply a vessel for me to live out my actions. Go ahead a judge the vessel but it doesn’t say a thing about who I am inside. #rantover
If a super-toned, small framed, beautiful woman like Cassey can still feel insecure about her body, it is not surprise that we all do! I loved how she used this as an opportunity to remind people to love their bodies and to not let other people dictate your self worth! Go Cassey!
She responded with just the right amount of anger, go Cassey!
No! *hugs Cassey* I hatehatehate body shaming and she definitely doesn't deserve any negativity!
Internet trolls are everywhere but it doesn't make their words any less hurtful. Clearly if it can happen to someone as genuine and lovely as Cassey it can happen to anyone. I'm happy to see that her post got so much positive feedback. I'm sure even though she hears people praising her all day, those little fighting words are still ringing in her ears :(