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Jeans are not cheap. With that said, I only own about 3-4 pairs (two of them in different colors). If you wear them frequently chances are it will fade over time. Most of us want to do our best to keep them in crisp condition. The best way to keep your jeans in good shape is to properly care for them. Instead of simply throwing them in your laundry machine, try to wash them following these rules.

Tips to Wash Jeans Properly

1) Wash jeans in cold water.
2) Flip jeans inside out for washing and drying.
3) Zip up and button up before washing jeans.
4) Use a neutral detergent to wash jeans.
5) Do not spin-dry jeans in a laundry machine, but lightly squeeze out water with hands.
Another tip: wash your jeans with like-colors!
This is really helpful! My jeans are starting to fade and I was going to donate them.
So, it's better to hang them dry?
@madeleine that's an important one! Thanks. :)