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How To Pack Your Beauty Bag For a Trip
When you are packing your makeup for a trip, sometimes it feels like you might as well just pack the whole darn dressing table!!! Argh! But there isn’t enough room for that… so… Here is a way to pack ALL your essentials but save ALL the space in your bag! It is an ingenious idea if we do say so ourselves, hehe. :-P


- Hair straightener - Disposable plastic gloves
- Your make-up


Step 1: Cut the plastic glove’s finger.
Step 2: Squeeze make-up into the cut glove finger (just enough for one use!).
Step 3. Seal the open section shut with the heated straightener (just one second is enough).
Step 4. Make a tear with scissors to be easily ripped open later.Be careful that the make-up does not leak.

To Use:

Just rip the tear open when you want to put on your make-up. Happy packing and enjoy your trip~ :-)