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Established in 2002, the Julia Kontogruni luxury design house takes a different approach to dressing brides. Brides are given the deluxe couture treatment by getting their gown made to order. According to their website they offer fully boned corsets that are "elaborately embellished with hand-beaded Swarovski crystals and pearls."
To book your appointment, you need to visit their website.
Can you see yourself in a Julia Kontogruni gown? Why or why not? Comment below!
Oh, these brides look so great in these dresses. If I was tall and had long hair and pretty much, looked like them, then I would wear these too
Look at all that fabric. I'd be terrified of getting it caught on something. If a tore, i'd be devastated!
epic brides need epic gowns. feel free to agree.
A friend of mine had her dress caught on a nail in a barn!!!!! It didn't tear, but there was a slash in the satin. She wasn't upset about it until after the wedding. LOL But I felt bad for her.