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I've been doing some Spring cleaning with my closet and I just stored away the clothes I will not need for the season. All the cashmere knits, chunky sweaters, and heavy-duty coats will be taking a long nap in my storage box. While sorting my clothes I was thinking about Easter outfits for this Sunday. Usually for the holiday I would purchase new clothes but want to work with what I have at the moment. You just have to style smart to make old clothes look new. If you need inspiration, below are three fool-proof styling formula for Easter Sunday.

1. Floral Dress and Classic Pump

A floral dress is a safe option for any spring events because flower signifies new beginning. For a timeless look, refer to the Lauren Conrad's style coordination. The floral pattern on her dress is easy on the eye and her black pump goes well with the overall black and white theme.

2. Pastel Dress with Statement Necklace

You can look put together in any solid dress by pairing it with a statement necklace. This simple formula is easy and cost-efficient. Just a recommendation, the color of the dress and the necklace should have contrasting colors to make it stand out.

3. Classic Solid Top and Pastel Skirt

Sometimes putting to pieces together is better than wearing one-piece. A solid top with lace details and a pastel skirt is a cute combination for Spring. Go with a pair of nude shoes to elongate your legs.
Someday I'm gonna learn her trick of looking photogenic in front of cameras.
She reminds me of Princess Cate. always flawless
Lauren Conrad always looks picture perfect. ALWAYS!
Pretty for Spring. Lauren is in all the magazines. What does she do anyway?
The hair on Lauren and the second girl are really great. As soon as my hair is grown out I want to do something like these.
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