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Max Chaoul is not your traditional bridal designer. Can you tell? LOL
Theatrical bridalwear isn't new, but you have to admit, whether or not this is your style, it is bright, inventive and looks like a lot of fun to wear. Flip-Zone is showing Max Chaoul's 2010 collection on its website that you can view here.
If you're not convinced to consider these wedding-day-appropriate, perhaps you'll consider them for another event in your life. It's Spring. Enjoy the boldness that comes from Max Chaoul.
I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on these. Comment below!
This is a very different look for a wedding. The last gown looks like something a barbie doll would wear. These are pretty and modern designs, but not interested in this for a wedding. LOL Sorry. These are a no-go for a wedding. Agree with @daniachicago.
Aside from the ochre dress, I'd pass on these too. :) @daniachicago I am not familiar with this designer to begin with. Need to look him up
That two-tone cocktail dress is really pretty, but NONE of these are for a wedding in my little humble opinion. I am not stuck in tradition either. I like modern stuff too. But these are too outrageous for a wedding.
The raspberry gown in the last two shots is drop dead gorgeous. I could see that at a wedding. Not your everyday wedding, but sure. The other shots? No Bueno!