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Looks like Ariana Grande isn't the only artist getting heat for plagiarizing a music video. One Direction is being accused by an award-winning Australian production company of plagiarizing the visuals for their single “You &I.”
After its release, the music video was immediately scrutinized by Australian company OhYeahWow, who were responsible for Australian band Clubfeet’s award-winning clip “Everything You Wanted.”
The company posted this message in response to the video:
"Late Friday night whilst we were busy observing the good traditions of the public holiday, something very suspicious was brought to our attention. It seems that the chaps of One Direction have taken it upon themselves to regurgitate our original concept, as seen in our award-winning clip for Clubfeet’s Everything You Wanted. Don’t get us wrong, we here at Oh Yeah Wow are big One Direction fans and are envious of their ability to maintain flawless hairdos.
To be crystal clear, OYW has nothing against creative evolution. Artists constantly reinterpret other works that have inspired them and we’re fine with people taking a technique and using it to create something new…The wider problem is, that plagiarism and copycatting is becoming increasingly common and acceptable."
So, is this artistic recreation, or straight copying?!

See for yourself:

Also please note the incredible amount of dislikes on this video. Way to go Directioners, way to be mature.
Both this and Ariana's is really obvious copying. Both videos are really cool though!
Wait whuut? When I've seen that music video of OD I thought it was pretty good how they were able to do that but then now I know that it's not original it loses that effect on them you know?