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There is still hope that someone will accidentally give me a free car. Thankfully. One of the models on the Price is Right accidentally showed the winning price of the car before the contestant guessed, and boom! Games over! The car has been won....that's it!
If only everything was this easy, eh?
(And to those who will surely comment that she probably got fired....I'm not so sure. Think of all this viral publicity from posting it online....)
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I sure hope she didn't get fired because this is hilarious! The models have made mistakes before, anyways.
3 years ago·Reply
That poor Girl! haha I wish I could get a car like that. I think the hardest part of PIR is getting onto the stage. People constantly bid a dollar over the next person.
3 years ago·Reply
From what I read, she hasn't been fired!
3 years ago·Reply
I would be so mortified. The moment she went behind the game board, I was just like "I know that feel, girl."
3 years ago·Reply
I love her reaction hahahaha I would have hid, too! Probably run off stage and got a bit teary eyed as well....
3 years ago·Reply