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Sooooo I had a terrible experience using the new card format on my laptop.... the videos were still there but somehow all my writing disappeared and you all know how long winded I tend to be. I'm not gonna say how long it took me to write all of what I wanted to say but....I could've slammed my head against the wall when I checked my card after publishing and my blurbs were nowhere to be seen. Hella frustrating. I'll save figuring out the new format for another day..... and on top of that I've been quite ill for the past 2 weeks hence my tardiness on this playlist mission and my lack of posting in the community in general. I'm on the mend tho thanks to antibiotics and plenty of green tea and Kleenex....oh and EXO's comeback ....uggghhh my bae Layyyyy<3....but anyway on with the show. 1. Shannon Williams__Daybreak Rain She debuted with this song toward the end of 2014. This 16 year old British-Korean vocalist gained fame on Britain's Got Talent at a young age and was recruited as the new member for F-veDolls but after training she decided she wanted a solo career and I honestly think that was a smart choice. She's super talented....super cute and home girl can dance. She's only going to get better with age. She recently came out with a new MV called " Why Why??" The track is more cutesy and bubblegummy but I actually enjoyed it. And you might too ヽ(^。^)ノ 2. John Park__ U Now hold the phone, kids.....this man's voice. Can we talk about it??? OMaiGaaad.....*shivers* he's got a MAN'S voice....ya feel? Its deep...but still smooth and oh baby...it has soul. The style of this song is reminiscent of Love Me Again by John Newman. I love your style, John but lets face it....Child, you can't hold a note to this man and that's just being real. The lyrics and the MV go together so well....the story is so creepy and disturbing. I love it. Admittedly I have not done my research on this man nor have I listened to more songs by him but this song is undoubtedly a jam....and you're seriously depriving your eardrums of an orgasm if you overlook this song. 3. 2BiC ft Hareem & Hotoo __Return Confession.....I've had this song in my music library for ohhhh two years and I don't know the name of it. As we speak I'm racking my brain for the title. But what I can tell you is that these boys are incredibly talented....their vocal chords are dripping with honey....like I just can't even. Their voices are so smooth. And can I say these boys are absolutely adorable? BC I'm gonna whether you like it or not. Since I'm confessing I have a more than tiny crush on Junghyun....just blushed a lil admitting that but I'm among friends so its all good hahaha. But anyway the point of saying all this is that they're underrated and your kpop world needs a lil bit of 2BiC. Even if its one track that you don't know the name of lmao. They do some awesome covers as well.....Eyes Nose Lips....Heaven....Something....On Bended Knee. And they both released solo tracks recently....Junhyung Bye Bye Bye which is more of a breakup type ballad and JiHwan Hug Me is more of a feel good love song. So definitely show them some love<3 they're amazing. 4. HOTSHOT__Midnight Sun I have a definite soft spot for this group. Their debut track Take A Shot was released under K.O. Sound in October of last year and it was my jam. It was more hip-hop driven but I like this song too. The chorus is super catchy. Kpoppers be hating on the low budget MV and the difference in sound from their debut but I like it when groups try different sounds and take things in a different direction. Their leader Timoteo was a child star and was supposed to debut under SM Ent with EXO but obviously that didn't happen.... Kid Monster was active in the underground dancing scene under the crew ‘Monster WOO FAM’, also participating in various battles, competitions, and concerts. So they already had a pretty strong fan base before they even debuted. But still they need your love<3 and why not? 5. Gray ft Swings__In My Head Now I feel Gray as a solo artist gets overlooked...he's a solid producer. And he's money when featured on a track. He was the first artist to debut under AOMG....and still I just feel like he's totally underrated. His album Call Me Gray just has this feel good vibe. It's like that summer cruise with the top down rocking the Oakleys type feel....I could've picked any song from it BC I love all of them but this track has been on my jam list of late. I just love me some Gray...add Swings to the mix and I'm sold. I really was hoping to find the audio but this live version was the next best option....he's pretty easy on the eyes so it's a win anyway lol. (*¯︶¯*) 6. C-Clown__ Let's Love C-Clown just needs some love....like ladies....gents....just put all the bullshtick aside and lets love C-Clown..... and Rome. Do it for Rome. Lol funny story....my dad runs a gym....so sometimes I workout there and there's hardly ever any new faces there. I know most of the guys and I'm related to a lot of them....distant cousins and uncles. They all know I listen to a lot of Korean music so when I'd come in they would tease me about putting on some of my music to get them pumped. So one day I finally did. And they ended up liking most of it. And this song became one of my biggest craziest uncle's favorites (and when I say big and crazy.....I mean 6 foot 5 325lbs worth the creatine crazy) ....it's a request now when I go in. Ey!! Play muh jam..... 7. Madtown__New World Love these rookies. They're hella talented....hella fun....and hella cute. They've just got charisma. When their debut track dropped ....at first listen I had my bias picked out....H.O the freakin maknae got me. It's the tone in his voice...I just love it. They debuted under J.Tune Camp in October of last year with the track Yolo. Now I admit the choreography for that song was not that great and same goes for this track ....but that said if you give them a chance they're really quite charming talented charismatic boys. This song had a stronger showing for me....and the MV....ugggh these boys /.\ lol they're only getting more gorgeous. I say H.O is my bias but they're all quite dreamy. And they need your love. 8. Champagne and Candle __ What's My Name This duo debuted last year under BrandNewMusic. They've been separately featured on several other tracks since including Infinite H's Sorry I'm Busy. This track gets me saying randomly....Eyyyyy Eyyyyyy What's my name? like a total weirdo. The beat tho.... it just gets me. They composed the music and lyrics and produced this track themselves and best believe I cannot wait to hear what they put out next. 9. Wu-Tan ft Gray__ Lucid Dream I love this song. It's sooooooo good and so underrated ...I purchased Zooreca a couple months ago after I heard My Name is My Name on one of my YouTube excursions. Wu-Tan is under Vismajor Company (VMC) and technically is a hip hop artist but....if you listen to his album it definitely has some tracks that kpop fans can dig. Nabiya and DoDoDo ft Don Mills are pretty catchy as well. And as previously stated I love Gray....producing....featuring..... solo... I especially love Gray on a hook....I'll take Gray any way I can get him....I love Gray anyday all day erryday .....I love me some Gray<3 10. Yang Da Il and Jungkey__ We Know (live) This man can sing.....oh my word he can sing....this live version blew me away. Jungkey composed this song so beautifully.... I'm a sucker for piano and voice ballads. It has such emotion and movement...And he sings the stuffing out of this....like dishes out some vocal slayage toward the end there. It's great stuff kids. 11. Lee Michelle__Without You Real talk.....this girl pretty much got the shaft from YG Entertainment. I dunno the full story but I do know she was set to debut under YG with the group SuPearls but the group was abruptly disbanded and her contract was ended. Despite having her contract with YG annulled....she's doing well. Signed with DIMA Entertainment and this was her official debut track. OHHHH THE FEEELLLZZZ....THE HEARTBREAKING FACE-LEAKING FEELS.....This MV brought me to tears. It sends such a strong inspiring message telling her story about growing up biracial in Korea thru the video. Its so powerful and beautiful and her voice....I just love it. Can't wait to hear more from her. I posted a link here somewheres to this video in case y'all haven't seen it yet. Thurrs my list....I always end up going over by one or two....anywho I hope I exposed you to some new stuff....good stuff....or stuff you wouldn't have paid attention to otherwise. @Ambie @MattK95 my main fanman xx
I love Lee Michelle too. She's so cute.
@PassTheSuga yeah I have I've been a fan since she was twelve. .im glad you added her to your list
Thank youuu *^▁^* @Ambie I'm glad you enjoyed. I had fun putting this one together! @Uniangel18 She's adorable....have you watched the Why Why Why MV? She's too darn cute!
Lee Michelle I love her too
OMG I LOVE SHANNON WILLIAMS. ...WAE o wae o wae eh o wae o
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