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Some students will now qualify for free tuition at Stanford University. In order to make a move towards more affordable education, Stanford is going to be offering free tuition to those eligible!
What are the details?
- Stanford University will provide free tuition to parents of students who earn less than $125,000 per year — and if they make less than $65,000, they won't have to contribute to room and board costs either.
- Students are still expected to pay $5,000 toward college costs from summer earnings and working part-time while enrolled in college.
- The announcement is an expansion of Stanford's old financial aid policy, which previously applied to students from families making less than $100,000 per year.
- Most universities can't afford to offer such generous financial aid to their students. But they could draw a lesson from the plan's simplicity.
- At most colleges, the amount a family is expected to pay doesn't show up until after students have applied, been accepted, and filled out financial aid paperwork.
Other schools should try to replicate this simplicity!
WOOOOWWW! That's FANTASTIC! $125,000? A lot of people don't make that much. We have Florida prepaid for our boys..... But the books, rent, food etc. killed us! Thank God this year he got a soccer scholarship, because I don't see a school like Stanford in our kids' future.
Where was this when I needed it! Ha!
First step towards free education? No?
Is this limited to undergrads?
We definitely need more of this in the US.