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Do you ever see an boy and just think, "This is it, I've finally found my Disney prince!?"
Well I have, more than once. Here's a list of my five favorite guys that deserve to be my one true love:

Douglas Booth

He played Romeo in the live-action Romeo and Juliet. How could he not be Disney prince material?! Look at that bone structure and perfect 5 o'clock shadow *heart-eyes emoji*

Max Irons

I found this guy out of the blue watching a random film called the "Riot Club" which Douglas Booth is also in. Not the best movie, but it was all worth it for Max's smiles and dimples. Holy wow.


This musical genius also has cheekbones of the gods. He speaks French, can dance like no other, and can take you to a whole new world.

Yoshi Sudarso

This guy can actually rescue you from distress. He's a power ranger. I will let you google search "Yoshi Sudarso shirtless" yourself. Just copy and paste it, you're welcome.

Francisco Lachowski

Just go ahead and stare into these eyes for a little bit. I don't really keep up with models but for Francisco, I actually pay attention during fashion week.
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I would happily star in any movie with them, thank you very much.