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Ladies with ombre hair or natural highlights would appreciate this hairstyle. The half-up-down look can showcase the different color giving you an edgy and elegant feel. This hairdo is all about texture styling. Perfect for shoulder length and long hair.
Begin curling your hair to add texture. Make sure the curling iron is moving away towards your face.
Take the front section of one side of your hair, twist, and pin it back (shown on left image) Then, take a section of hair directly under where you just pinned the first section, twist and pin, covering the first bobby pin.
Repeat this process until you get to the center back of your hair. Taking sections, twisting and pinning back. Repeat on opposite side. Continue until the two sides meet in the center back of hair, pin together so it forms one continuous halo.
Hairstylist: Amanda Paige | Photographer: Austin Gros
I really like this hair style and I'd love to wear it for prom but I don't think it'll stay secure unfortunately. but it really is beautiful
Tried it this weekend and I used about 10 bobby pins to make sure the twist are secured. Overall, cute hairstyle.
I'm a big fan of the curled texture and messy romantic look.
@stargaze my prom hasn't past yet luckily. I want to do something with texture but that covers my back because I'm uncomfortable showing it. my dress doesn't show too much but still makes me feel weird
@mrsburgos916 That makes sense. What hairstyle did you end up doing for prom?
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