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Just got engaged? Getting a salon-worthy manicure is the best way to flaunt your bling! If you don't have time to get them done at the nail shop you can always go the DIY route at home. Ready to paint? Below are four creative manis to try.

1. Nude Polish with Silver Glitter

Natural and sophisticate with a touch of glitter at the nail beds. To get a fade effect use a glitter that has a mix of fine and chunky silver glitter, then dab it on the nail.

2. Ombré Metallics

This is a popular nail trend. To no overdue the ombre effect paint the boldest of the metallics at the pinky nail because it's the smallest nail. Colors to stick with: gold, silver, rose.

3. Gradient French Manicure

This is a total contrast from the strong French tip design. The best part of about this manicure is the faded effect. To get this style - use the sponging technique and apply a little a time, in multiple layers. Tip: start at where you want the most coverage on a gradient scale.

4. Sparkles and Stripes

Sparkles can be overwhelming and steal the spotlight of the ring but this manicure is simple enough to look glam without stealing the show. To get a clean look like this one using polish, use a striper brush or painters tape to stay steady.
Love 2 & 4 :)
The gradient sparkle on the first one is amazing. It'll be awesome If the wedding dress also have gradient detail.
@Teey 2 is also my favorite.