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Something's been bugging me lately. For real, though, what is Bruce Jenner's new name going to be once the sex reassignment is completed? While this may not be the latest news, I still didn't know the answer.
So I had to get a little help from CafeMom. Love that site! They published an article that Bruce wants to be called "Belinda." Belinda?! Okay. I have no clue what kind of name I thought he would choose. But Belinda seems hokie to me. Am I wrong?
If I were Bruce, seeking to get a fresh start and all that, I'd go with a one or two-syllable name. I would also stay away from letters that sound mannish, like Bs and Ds. I'd also double and triple cross-check that whatever name(s) I was considering didn't come off like a drag name.
I actually don't know what name I would choose. What about you? What name do you think Bruce should change it to?
Omg that picture is frightening! Belinda sounds so boring lol. He waited this long to come out he should pick a name that pops.
Where did they get that from?! I didn't even know that Bruce was really ever 'out' about his transformation!