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Airbnb has introduced a very useful new feature on their website: the option to charge guests for paid amenities. Hosts can now offer their guests all sorts of services and amenities without having to collect payment from their guests. Simply go to the message thread between you and your guest and click on the tab “Charge for a Paid Amenity.” Once the guest approves the charge, it will be automatically transferred to you. What type of amenities can I offer my guest? Here are some example of services and amenities that you could offer to your guests: 1) Snacks & drinks You can easily offer your guests some snacks and drinks and have them keep track of what they use by using a simple tally sheet. Before check-out, you or your guest calculate the total amount. 2) Bike or scooter rental If you have a spare bike or scooter, why not make it available to your guests? You could charge a small fee per day or even by the hour. 3) Breakfast, lunch or dinner Sharing a meal with your guests is a great way to get to know them a little better, which is what Airbnb is all about. Now you can easily charge your guests for meals without having to collect cash. If you manage your listing remotely, you could arrange somebody else to do the cooking. 4) Tours and activities You could make deals with local tour agents to get favorable prices for your guests. You can then charge your guests the normal price and pocket the difference. You basically become a tour agent yourself! - See more at: http://getpaidforyourpad.com/blog/airbnb-introduces-paid-amenities/#sthash.s3U1ObgA.dpuf If you’re really looking to make some extra money, you of course can organize the tour yourself! As an Airbnb host you’re the first point of contact with the visitor and this is a valuable position to be in. With the possibility to charge guests through the Airbnb platform, it’s become really easy to take advantage of this opportunity! NOTE: This new feature hasn’t been made available in all countries yet, so if you don’t see the option yet don’t panic, it will most likely show up soon!