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EXO's comeback!!

The long wait is finally over!!! The next chapter of their album is finally here! Yess it's EXO!! This ten flower/charismatic men made their comeback stage last march 30 in Mnet countdown which become a hot topic not only in korea but worldwide yes worldwide!!! Many people praise EXO for their "charismatic" look, dance moves and fashion but besides that theres an Anti-exo who is questioning EXO for their "Lip sync" on their first comeback stage and I don't think it's a big issue because they always show us a cool and perfect performace. So Kpopers what is your opinion in this issue? ;)
We have seen the boys perform live before and they did an incredible job, regardless of whether or not they actually did lip sync we need to remember that basically half of the group is injured right now :((((
Yasss! Thats what I tought sometimes netizen are too harsh to bash and accuse this idols :( besides that exo always show a perpect performance even though some of them are sick
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Natural And Ayurvedic Skincare Routine For Radiant Skin
When you clean your skin thoroughly at night, you help prevent clogged pores and, as a result, the occurrence of blackheads and pimples. Because skin penetration levels are higher at night, your products will work much better and deliver results much faster. We've put together a nighttime skincare routine for women who want to achieve glowing skin quickly. 1. Cleanse your face. Always wash your face to remove all makeup, dirt, and pollution from your skin. Your face wash should fight signs of ageing and improve skin radiance by containing the goodness of kakadu plum, the highest source of vitamin C. Kakadu plum contains natural fruit aha, which promotes cell renewal and gently exfoliates the skin to control excess oil, which can lead to pigmentation when exposed to the sun. It protects your skin from free radical damage, keeping it healthy and radiant. 2. Apply a brightening serum. After cleansing your face, apply a hydrating and brightening serum all over it. Choose a saffron-infused serum cleanses and exfoliates the skin while improving blood circulation and providing a glow. Rose extract aids in the unclogging of pores, the removal of dirt and oil, the restoration of pH balance, and the lightening and brightening of the skin. Lotus and aloe vera nourish the skin, exfoliate dead skin cells, and provide radiance. 3. Apply moisturiser to your face. Apply a brightening face cream to lock in moisture and prevent overdrying. Pick a skin brightening face cream with advanced bioactive phytoextracts that penetrate deeply into skin layers and effectively reduce dark spots, dullness, melasma, hyperpigmentation, and age spots. It should stimulate cell renewal, resulting in clearer, more even-toned skin. Vitamin C the most effective, quick, and safe skin brightener that protects against oxidative stress and effectively reduces liver spots. 4. Apply a face oil. With a nourishing face oil, you can seal in the moisture and goodness of all the other products. Pick a face oil containing antioxidant-rich saffron and say hello to a deep radiating glow, clearer skin, and a bright complexion. Choose anti-inflammatory and anti-acne herbs like Manjishtha, Turmeric and Lodhra to reduce breakouts, acne, and flaunt even-toned skin! 5. Face sculpting. Using a jade roller or a gua sha, sculpt your face. Massaging your face with these tools improves the absorption of other skincare products while also increasing blood circulation. It can help to work the facial tissues and relax the muscles, resulting in less puffiness. It also aids in the reduction of wrinkles and dark circles. 6. Use a lip mask. Apply a lip sleeping mask right before bed to prevent your lips from drying out or flaking. A lip plumping mask with Vitamin C and antioxidants moisturises dry lips. If you apply it at night, you will wake up with smoother lips. It provides intense moisturisation if it is formulated with shea butter and manuka honey. Besides this, lingonberry and turmeric oil, also help lighten dark lips, as well as coconut and castor oil, which aid in the removal of dead cells and flaky skin. 7. Cover everything with a sleep mask. By finishing the routine with a sleep mask, you can seal in all of the skincare products. Pick a prebiotic sleep mask to wake up with a refreshing glory. A sleep mask is designed to provide maximum comfort by nourishing your skin with prebiotics, retinol, collagen protein, and hyaluronic acid. Whichever combination you choose will nourish and hydrate your skin throughout the night. Make this sleep mask a part of your daily nighttime routine to wake up with refreshed, moisturised, plumpy, tight skin. It also aids in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.
How Tretinoin Gets Rid Of Acne and How To Use It?
Tretinoin cream is available in a variety of concentrations, ranging from .05 percent cream to creams containing up to .1 percent tretinoin. The type of tretinoin cream you use to treat acne, like many other skincare medications, can have a significant impact on your results as well as your risk of experiencing side effects. We've listed all of the different tretinoin cream concentrations that are available in the United States below. We've also discussed which concentration is best for treating and preventing acne. We've also discussed how tretinoin can be used as an acne treatment to prevent breakouts and keep your skin clear all year. What Exactly Is Acne? Acne vulgaris, also known as acne vulgaris, is a common skin condition that occurs when your hair follicles, or pores, become clogged with a mixture of sebum, dead skin cells, and other substances. Acne affects almost everyone at some point in their lives. For some, it is a condition that develops during adolescence. Adult acne breakouts, which can occur in a person's 30s, 40s, and even well into middle age, are a lifelong annoyance for others. Acne breakouts are caused by a variety of factors. One of these is sebum, a natural oil produced by your sebaceous glands. When sebum accumulates on the surface layer of your skin, it can seep into your pores and clog them. Another factor in acne is the accumulation of dead skin cells over time. These cells, which are left over from the epidermal turnover process, can combine with sebum to clog pores and cause acne. Acne can become infected, inflamed, and painful when bacteria begin to multiply inside a clogged pore. Acne can range in severity from minor comedones to severe nodules and cysts that cause skin irritation. Forms of Acne Comedonal When your pores become clogged with sebum and/or dead skin cells, these small acne lesions form. Both whiteheads and blackheads are common forms of comedonal acne. Inflammatory Because of the presence of bacteria, these acne lesions are red, tender, and occasionally painful. Consider a typical red, inflamed pimple. Inflammatory acne commonly manifests as papules and pustules. Nodular and Cystic When bacteria multiply inside acne lesions deep within your skin, these severe forms of acne develop. Nodular and cystic acne are frequently difficult to treat and can leave acne scars. How Does Tretinoin Treat Acne? Tretinoin is one of the most powerful acne treatment on the market today. In fact, tretinoin and other topical acne treatments have been referred to as a "mainstay" of therapy for acne breakouts in studies. Retinoids, such as tretinoin, work by speeding up the process by which your skin produces new cells, a process known as epidermal turnover. To understand how this prevents acne, we must first cover the fundamentals of how your skin maintains and repairs itself, as well as the effects this process can have on the texture and appearance of your skin. Your skin serves several purposes. These include acting as a barrier against infectious pathogens like fungi and bacteria, regulating your temperature, keeping water inside your body, and protecting your organs from UV radiation and its effects. In other words, your skin does more than just make you look good. The outer layer of your skin, known as the epidermis, is responsible for the majority of this work. Your epidermis constantly produces new cells to replace older, worn ones in order to maintain itself. These cells are formed in the skin's basal layers. They gradually travel to the surface over time, allowing your older skin cells to detach and shed into the environment. This process is known as epidermal turnover. Consider it your skin's way of applying a fresh coat of paint as each old layer is worn away by the environment. The length of the epidermal turnover process varies according to age and a variety of other factors. The epidermis of most people changes every 40 to 56 days. So, what does this have to do with acne, and how does tretinoin play a role in it? One of the most important factors in the development of acne breakouts is the accumulation of old skin cells on the surface layer of your skin. Tretinoin aids in the exfoliation of dead skin cells by promoting skin cell turnover. This reduces your chances of developing clogged pores that develop into comedones or other types of acne. Tretinoin has other skin benefits in addition to its ability to treat acne. It directly stimulates collagen production, which can lighten and conceal lines, wrinkles, and other signs of facial ageing. It can also help with photodamaged skin, which is rough, dry, or unevenly pigmented as a result of sun exposure. These non-acne benefits are covered in greater detail in our guide to using tretinoin to treat wrinkles and skin ageing. How Fast Does Tretinoin Work? Tretinoin begins to work as soon as it is absorbed by your skin, but it usually takes a few months before you notice any significant improvements. In most studies, it takes three to six months for tretinoin to produce visible improvements in acne severity. During this time, you may notice that your skin improves gradually, or that you have fewer pimples or other types of acne. Some people who use tretinoin for acne experience a tretinoin "purge," which is an increase in acne, skin irritation, and other symptoms after starting tretinoin treatment. This is a temporary problem that usually resolves itself after a few months. After starting tretinoin, it's critical to persevere and be patient. It does work, but it may take a few months before you notice any significant changes in your skin. Which Tretinoin Cream Concentrations Are There? Tretinoin acne cream is available in several strengths in the United States, ranging from .025 percent, .05 percent, and .1 percent. Side Effects of Tretinoin Concentrations Tretinoin is a medication that is both safe and effective for the vast majority of people. However, it, like all medications, has the potential for side effects. The majority of these are minor and temporary, but there are a few you should be aware of before using any tretinoin-containing product. Tretinoin may cause the following side effects: A stinging or warming sensation Skin that is red, scaling, or dry An increase in acne lesions for a short period of time Lighter or darker skin discolouration Blisters, crusting, and swelling of the skin Pain, burning, redness, or flakiness are all symptoms of a bacterial infection. Tretinoin can also have serious side effects, especially if you have sensitive skin or skin that is easily irritated by topical treatments. If you experience severe irritation, hives, itching, or pain after applying topical tretinoin, contact your dermatologist right away. Another important tretinoin side effect to be aware of is that it can increase your skin's susceptibility to sunlight, making you more susceptible to sunburn. If you use tretinoin, you should exercise caution in bright sunlight. Wear protective clothing to shield your face from bright sunlight, apply sunscreen, and avoid prolonged sun exposure, even if it is artificial, as much as possible. The higher the concentration of tretinoin cream, as with most skin medications, the more significant the results. Creams with a higher tretinoin concentration are more effective at preventing acne and premature skin ageing, but they are also more likely to cause side effects. These side effects may be more common if you combine tretinoin with another acne treatment, such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. What Tretinoin Strength Should I Use for Acne? There is no "best" concentration of tretinoin cream for the treatment of acne because everyone's skin is different. Most people who use tretinoin, whether for acne prevention or as an anti-aging cream, experiment with different concentrations over time before settling on the type of cream that works best for their skin. Most dermatologists in the India begin by prescribing low strength medications to their patients. If this cream is ineffective in treating your acne, your doctor may advise you to try a stronger tretinoin cream. If you experience side effects like skin irritation, redness, or peeling, your doctor may recommend switching to a lower strength tretinoin cream, using the cream less frequently, or using an alcohol-free face moisturiser in conjunction with the tretinoin cream to prevent dryness. Finally, keep in mind that tretinoin frequently causes the most serious side effects during the first two to six weeks of use. This means that even if the concentration and dosage are perfect, there is still a chance that you will experience irritation and other "purge" effects when you begin treatment.
SM*SH Pioner Pop Dance
Di tengah kejayaan industri musik pop-melayu, kemunculan boyband bergaya Korea , SM*SH, seolah menjadi titik balik dari dominasi warna musik di Indonesia. Kemunculan SM*SH diawali dengan video klip dari single pertama mereka, “I Heart You”, sekitar tahun 2010 lalu. Video tersebut banyak mengundang komentar karena warna musik dan gaya mereka yang sangat berbeda. Morgan, Bisma, Rangga, Rafael, Dicky, Reza, dan Ilham merupakan tujuh personil SM*SH yang hampir semuanya berasal dari Bandung. Mereka sempat menuai kontroversi karena dianggap menjiplak salah satu boyband asal Korea dengan nama yang sama. Padahal terdapat ‘sejarah’ dan filosofi panjang dari nama boyband ini. SM*SH merupakan singkatan dari Seven Man As Seven Heroes. Kata heroes dalam nama tersebut dimaksudkan agar mereka bisa menginspirasi anak muda untuk berkarya dalam hal positif. Sedangkan tanda bintang yang menggantikan huruf “A” terinspirasi dari managemen yang bernaung di atas mereka sejak tahun 2010, yaitu Starsignal. Sukses dengan single I Heart You, SM*SH terus menggebrak panggung musik dengan meluncurkan hits kedua yang bertajuk Senyum Semangat. Dengan lirik yang berisikan semangat dan motivasi, hits kedua SM*SH ini juga mendapatkan respon yang baik dari para penggemarnya. Setelah rilis dua single tersebut, akhirnya SM*SH meluncurkan album perdananya pada tahun 2011 dibawah perusahaan rekaman Ancora Music. Tidak cukup dengan meluncurkan single dan album, SM*SH juga membintangi dua serial televisi berjudul Cinta Cenat Cenut dan Cinta Cenat Cenut 2 dimana mereka menjadi tokoh utama. Selain bermain serial televisi, mereka juga sempat mengisi reality show selama bulan Ramadhan dengan judul SM*SH ngabuburit. Kepopuleran mereka semakin bertambah setelah membintangi sejumlah iklan dari sederet merek produk yang cukup terkenal. Tidak sedikit penikmat musik yang merespon tidak baik atas kemunculan mereka di panggung musik Indonesia. Namun SM*SH memiliki klub penggemar yang jumlahnya pun tidak kalah sedikit. Para penggemar SM*SH ini menamai diri mereka Smashblast. Walaupun banyak gunjingan yang ditujukan pada mereka, SM*SH bisa membuktikan bahwa mereka bisa bertahan di industri dunia hiburan. Hingga saat ini nama SM*SH terus bergaung ditengah menjamurnya boyband dan girlband dengan gaya yang sejenis. Dengan munculnya fenomena tersebut hingga tersingkirnya musik pop-melayu, dapat dikatakan SM*SH adalah pionir musik pop-dance di Indonesia. (SH)
Feed Additives Market with Amid new technological factors
Feed additives in livestock help to maintain and improve the nutritional value of the food and these feed additives can also help to keep the feed longer and fresh. Feed additives play a key role in enriching foods with vitamin C and taste as sugar, which helps to maintain animal health adequately. Data Bridge recently published a research study on Global Feed Additives Market – Industry Trends and Forecast to 2027, that defines the market size, market characteristics and focuses on major players, key developments, changing trends, and upcoming growth opportunities in the industry. The report includes Feed Additives Industry company profiles, product descriptions and output values, as well as statistical analysis. The study covers the entire Feed Additives market, including their size, output, manufacturing value, profit/loss, supply/demand, and import/export. The market research is divided into several parts to provide a complete competitive analysis. Important Companies of the market: Cargill, Incorporated, Delacon Biotechnik GmbH, BIOMIN Holding GmbH, Bluestar Adisseo Co., Ltd., DowDuPont, Natural Remedies and Synthite Industries Ltd Various secondary resources are used to diagnose and collect data for comprehensive industry research. In order to obtain and research key information and verify elements in Feed Additives market, key sources include a large number of estimates from industry professionals. In addition, Feed Additives market around the world are divided by type, application and region. The objective of the reports: The report provides information on market segmentation by type, application, and region. The report focuses on development policies and plans, government regulations, manufacturing processes and cost structures. It also includes technical data, manufacturing plant analysis and raw material source analysis, as well as explaining which product has the highest penetration rate, its profit margin, and the status of research and development. Market analysis Feed Additives also includes an overview. Competitive industries, market development history and main development trends. In the end, the report covers the precisely studied and evaluated data of the global market players and their scope in the market using a number of analytical tools. The analytical tools such as investment return analysis, SWOT analysis, and feasibility study are used to analyse the key global market player’s growth in the Feed Additives industry. Customization Available: Global Feed Additives Market Data Bridge Market Research is a leader in advanced formative research. We take pride in servicing our existing and new customers with data and analysis that match and suits their goal. The report can be customised to include price trend analysis of target brands understanding the market for additional countries (ask for the list of countries), clinical trial results data, literature review, refurbished market and product base analysis. Market analysis of target competitors can be analysed from technology-based analysis to market portfolio strategies. We can add as many competitors that you require data about in the format and data style you are looking for. Our team of analysts can also provide you data in crude raw excel files pivot tables (Fact book) or can assist you in creating presentations from the data sets available in the report.