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The long wait is finally over!!! The next chapter of their album is finally here! Yess it's EXO!! This ten flower/charismatic men made their comeback stage last march 30 in Mnet countdown which become a hot topic not only in korea but worldwide yes worldwide!!! Many people praise EXO for their "charismatic" look, dance moves and fashion but besides that theres an Anti-exo who is questioning EXO for their "Lip sync" on their first comeback stage and I don't think it's a big issue because they always show us a cool and perfect performace. So Kpopers what is your opinion in this issue? ;)
We have seen the boys perform live before and they did an incredible job, regardless of whether or not they actually did lip sync we need to remember that basically half of the group is injured right now :((((
Yasss! Thats what I tought sometimes netizen are too harsh to bash and accuse this idols :( besides that exo always show a perpect performance even though some of them are sick