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So me and @aabxo were talking about some drawings we did of K-idols and here's my personal collection! I've never posted any of my artworks for the public to see... So this was actually nerve wrecking for me. You should first try to guess who they are and answers are down below! 1. YongHwa (CNBLUE) 2. Joo Won 3. Daehyun (B.A.P) 4. Leo (VIXX) 5. Ji Chang Wook 6. Hyunsik (BTOB) but I think the drawing came out to look more like JB from GOT7... haha. I hope you liked them! I know that they don't look 100% like them, but I worked really hard! Thank you! :) Credit to the original pictures I referenced!
@StephanieDuong these are so good, my drawing never really progressed past stick figures XD
That's a neat idea. I never did anything like that for school T_T I'm jealous lol @StephanieDuong
Thank you! I'm actually drawing these for school. I had to pick a central idea that my pieces would be around and I picked music. So I've been trying to draw k-idols with some sort of music theme to it. But I'm glad you like them! :) @aabxo
The first one is my favorite!!!
You're talented.... Btw the last drawing looks like Btob's leader Eunkwang
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