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As two of the most anticipated comebacks of 2015, we are putting EXO and Big Bang against each other for this week′s battle (Yes, we went there)!


With a series of amazing teaser videos with intricately hidden hints, EXO returned with much fanfare with its second album, EXODUS.
You could just tell even from the teaser videos that EXO has prepared long and hard for this album promotion, rightfully raising anticipation and receiving much hype from fans and the public.
EXODUS is already doing amazing on the charts, and this is just the beginning of EXO′s promotion period for Call Me Baby, so who knows what new records this group will set!

Big Bang

When was the last time we saw Big Bang together on a Korean music program with a new song?
We have no idea because it was that long ago, but the important thing is that Big Bang is making a comeback in 2015 (FINALLY)! While the news had fans initially wondering if it was a April Fools′ joke or the real thing, Big Bang reassured fans that the group is coming back in May, with a lot in store. Big Bang′s 2015 plans are still veiled, especially regarding the set of dates that were presented to fans on April 1, but with a 15-country concert tour coming up, well, Big Bang is ready to shake up 2015.
We just can′t wait for the song that will follow Fantastic Baby.
Who do you expect more?
Big Bang. They are the best.
No one can beat the best. Big Bang forever
I love both groups, but I gotta go with Big Bang...so glad I really don't have to make a choice of listening to one or the other though...it would really be a tough call.
love them both can't wait for BigBang comeback finally yayyy
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