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1)FTISLAND (Pray) MV 2015 EngSub
2)FTISLAND (To The Light) MV 2015 Engsub
Wowwww Superb,Powerful, amazing and yet another awesome comeback from these FTISLAND boys
I really love these two songs , and I might even have to say these 2 are definitely from few of my favorites songs all kpop artists recent comebacks, the lyrics really have a deep, powerful, strong, positive meaning to it. Its basically about the struggles we all have to face and wish to overcome in our lives. I hope you all will love these 2 songs 2 please do check it out, I will surely appreciate it and please keep supporting this amazing FTISLAND Rock Band.
Credit to the actual owner of the video.
bahhhhhhh I'm in love with this as album <3
Wow these songs are awesome!
I love Pray! Its feels like a completely different version of FtIsland but it still has the same feel. HongKi's voice just blows my mind everytime I listen to it.