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the hodoo

Got my hodoo and had to do some work on it. Started with makjn wheel wells o i wouldnt get wheel bite as easy. Then i sanded the edges so the concave wasnt as agressive and wouldnt chip as easy! Then i made the cool grip job. Rode it a few times and i really like it but the kicktails are a bit small so i drilled the holes a little closer but overall its a great board. I would say is comparable to the tesseract. Omen sugarkick madrid yeti and other double kick boards with micro drop! Runnin pcals with 78a hawgs and it seems to b a pretty good combination!
Yes it is @MitchellJuchno! The hodoo and yes@steezster they are pcals!
That's a sick board. Are those Cali precision's?
is that one of the lax boards on the churchill website
You really know how to make a board your own! I have been inspired!
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