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Hello all! First off, you will all now bow to me your new king! i'm kidding, but i am the new moderator for the Poetry Community, and i will be here to support you guys in any way possible, you know, be there when times get rough and you may think that there is no where else to go. Just know that you know, not all roads are dead ends, we can either create our own path or find a different route. As Moderator i would like to first and foremost introduce myself. My name is Sidney Vernon Red Tomahawk, i am a native american, living in New Mexico, I am a high school student going into college, i am a wonderful guy, you can talk to me, get to know me more, come to me for help with anything, i am a pretty lenient guy, and will take your words and take them and bring them to light. But i want to thank @greggr for pointing out the opportunity of becoming a Moderator and from here forth we got some big things planned for both the Creative Writing and Poetry communities. I hope i get to know each and every single one of you, because i am very fond of meeting new people.
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thanks guys :D
Woo hoo!! :D Congrats~!
Congratulations and welcome!! Looking forward to seeing you as a Moderator, my friend.
Right on Sid, I'm glad your the moderator, hope you like what i have. @voltron15
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