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Everyone loves fried chicken, and Japanese are no exception. Japanese are great consumers of fried chicken, so in Tokyo you can find huge amount of restaurants that serve this dish. But ,of all the restaurants, “Tori-tatsu” is truly the best. Located in Nezu, “Tori-tatsu” has won different competitions in Japan, as the best fried chicken (Karaage in Japanese) restaurant in Tokyo. If you are in Nezu, you can smell the odor of the delicious Karaage hot from the kitchen.
I need to be there NOW lol !!!
Thanks! I like Karaage too^^
Good to note. Now, how do I justify a spendy global trip for to-die-for greasy fried chicken? Philip would brain me. Though, @nixonwoman always suggests using a man's plastic credit card for stunts . hahaha j/k No, but seriously, i need that fried chicken...