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hey guys! I've been longboarding for a few years now. I've tried many different size and style boards and was wanting to hear what your style and size board is? HMU!!!
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steezus I love dancing. I just started learning so I'm not all that great. All I can do right now decently is cross step. I use my z-flex Pintail. it's a fun cruising board. downhill and free riding is a lot of fun too. keep the feedback coming guys!!
I ride an omen airship, WB 24.5-28.5 with Paris v2 with riptide barrel/chubby combo and ride remember wheels most of the time and I ride a jet hot potato, WB 26.5-27.5 same trucks and wheels as my airship
I use for downhill my prototype, its 37 in, top mount, and I have caliber 2's and Butterballs on it.. For cruising/ urban riding I use either my arbiter DK with Butterballs or my apex 37 DD with some Bigfoot mtn crushers
Same board as the pic only mine is yellow and I have double kingpins and butter balls on mine but right now I have reds bearings I'm saving up for some bones swiss
@TrevorHolm if you're thinking about buying ceramics, don't. They're way too expensive and you can get just as much life out of a set of bearings (zealous are the best bearings ever honestly) if you clean them regularly.