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hey guys! I've been longboarding for a few years now. I've tried many different size and style boards and was wanting to hear what your style and size board is? HMU!!!
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@TrevorHolm if you're thinking about buying ceramics, don't. They're way too expensive and you can get just as much life out of a set of bearings (zealous are the best bearings ever honestly) if you clean them regularly.
I ride a loaded bhangra and a nelson batray 5.8 i ride the bhangra for freestyle and dancing, and the Batray for downhill and freeride. I run paris v2's on both, stock bushings, Orangatang Keanu's on the bhangra and Remember PeeWee's on the batray.
I've always enjoyed just cruising but I'm getting into freeride. My go to for freeride is my 37" restless Soyuz. Cruising is my first board a 33" pintail super flex super fun board sucks that I don't know the name or maker.
I ride an arbor prodigy, its 38 inches For freeride and having fun I ride an omen buzzkill, its like 35 inches and has a lot of wheelbase options Then I have an old board that I haven't used for a while, it was made by my cousin and it was an awesome board for learning, I don't know the specs on it
I've got six different ones and still can't pick a favorite
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