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Just as fans noticed a possible injury for EXO’s Lay while he performed on Music Core, images of Tao in a pharmacy while on crutches have been circulating around the internet.
On April 4th, a fan spotted an injured Tao buying medicine at a pharmacy in Korea. At the time, the EXO member appeared to be alone and needed the aid of crutches to walk. Tao injured his foot while filming SBS variety show Laws of the Jungle, followed by another ankle injury at the Idol Star Athletics Championships.
Upon seeing the images, EXO-Ls questioned as to why SM Entertainment allowed Tao to go to the pharmacy alone, given the condition of his leg injury. The agency has not yet responded to the matter.
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Tao feel better get well soon ............
3 years ago·Reply
Lonely panda :"( I do think someone should have accompanied him, although maybe no one was around and he really needed medicine?? Idk I just hope he's better soon ^o^,
3 years ago·Reply
I read somewhere on YouTube that he was the one who wanted to be alone but Idk. hope he gets well soon.
3 years ago·Reply
maybe he doesn't want to feel helpless
3 years ago·Reply
At this point I feel like SM Ent should own their own hospital.
3 years ago·Reply