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One would imagine that a week off of classes because of a freak hurricane would be a marvelous thing, and so did I! That is until I came back to reality and it felt as though teachers were slapping me with papers. Finally it's Thanksgiving, AKA a much needed break form school and Manhattan. I love Manhattan, but you really do feel the fast rhythm of life there. There’s always this anxiety, but I thrive off of it. It’s good for keeping you on your toes. This outfit I threw together for breakfast with my mom. It’s chilly, but because where I live is car-centric, I can basically wear what I want knowing I’ll have my big coat on top. The shirt was a special find though- my mom had this made years ago and I absolutely love the print and the way the silk falls. The necklace is my recent favorite as of getting it from the Brooklyn Flea Market. I’m obsessed! And the fedora is my first hat that I ever bought… from the mens’ section at H&M. Other than that... it's a lovely fall day. Oh and I desperately missed my dog.
@SabeenM oh thanks for the explanation. I think I will have to go with an a-line skirt considering how windy nyc gets >.>
Thank you! Yes this is an a-line- there are also circle skirts that give a similar effect. Mainly because of all the fabric that starts picking itself up and out. But circle skirts have the incredible ability of being blown upward by wind... not good for subway usage at all. The link you posted looks good :)
Haha, getting hats from men's section. Lovely shirt!! Also, adore the skirt. I've been looking for something like that for a long time. High-waist but loose. Are they called a-line skirts? basically this