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So..... GOT7 is coming to the U.S! I'm really happy for them but at the same time..... WHY NOT THE EAST COAST?! I'm so tired that I can't even get the chance to be able to attend a Kpop concert because no one comes to the East Coast! (and not New York but somewhere futher south..) But I guess you win some you lose some. :P Anyways, I really am happy and proud of these guys. Amazing group! Let's go GOT7! :D
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@Allyphernelia yup check this out http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/k-town/6509352/bts-us-tour-red-bullet and it says July 16 - New York, NY - Best Buy Theater (8:00pm) hahas but lets stop here no we are not spamming got7 card with bts :D its not rite do check it out thgh ;)
@sherrysahar I agree with you, but NY and NJ are basically up north. I don't hear anyone coming to anywhere in the south... And I really want at least the opportunity to be able to try to go to a Kpop concert or convention... xP
Ahhh. LUCKY! I'M SO JEALOUS! Actually really jealous...... D: But I hope you have a great time! @danidee