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Goo Hara recently shared a group photo of herself together with her close friends,Jessica Jung and Kang Minkyung, but was later forced to take it down after receiving negative criticism.
On April 3rd, KARA‘s Hara reunited and met with former Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica andDavichi‘s Minkyung for a girl’s night out, sharing the moment with her followers on her SNS account. The three could be seen affectionately posing as they came together in a group hug and smiling at the camera. Looking casual in their jeans and warm tops, the three women’s long and slender legs are very noticeable.
However, following the posting of the group photo came a high amount of negativity and criticism from netizens, which later forced her hand to take the post down. It can no longer be found on her SNS accounts.
[+831, -184] The three idols with the stupid-images…Why do they think it’s okay to post a photo of themselves in a private room drinking on SNS like that?? If they were smarter, they would know that pictures like these aren’t good for their image.
[+634, -113] Kang Minkyung is keeping up her dumb image ever since she was caught bringing rice wine going hiking on the broadcast of 1 Night 2 Daysㅋㅋ As for Jessica and Hara, they’re both the “middle kids” in entertainment who can’t act or sing or even variety and are insignificant without their group ㅋㅋ
[+548, -89] Jessica is doing media playing even on someone else’s SNS ㅋㅋ All she get is hate in Korea now, it’s sad
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I don't understand one thing,drinking in private room and hang out is something they always show us as a normal thing in k dramas,isn't it?why it's wrong whn you do in real life . don't idols Hve right to act like us or being themselves. I am from Asia and Muslim country,we raised as conservative as possible.i can tell you one thing any Asian countries and Muslim countries,it's really hard to live according to ur will.such nosy people.
I find this really sad. SNS accounts are places to post about their life and this picture has no harm to other people's lives. Let them live their own lives! If netizens don't like the idol then ignore their posts and move on with their lives. Stop bombarding on people's personal lives and telling them right from wrong when you can live your own life. This is my personal opinion and I hope this doesn't offend anyone... Thank you @Quynhlam for posting this.
@Uniangel18 I totally agree with you about how koreans are really conservative, but these Netizens are really nosey at the same time. haha. @Ambie And thanks for backing me up! :)
thats just netizens overreacting once again its so sad she had to remove this photo its just a friends hang out why judge it i don't understand y a cheerful happy sweet friendly picture need to be judged and removed we should all really be happy to see them back together having a great time and sharing it with us all sometimes these netizens more likely korean audiences are way too judgmental to ruin something as sweet as this I am sorry i am just being honest i wouldn't expect true fans to react like this i am a fan i don't understand y this sweet positive picture was turned in to a negative threat to these girls really i hope something like this to not happen again and we all learn from this for sure....
It's only a picture of friends having a get together. I don't find it offensive. They're normal people like us who go out and meet friends once in a while. They're fully clothed in this picture. Just saying.
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