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Inside my own mind

She is a horrible human being
She is the most disgusting creature alive
She is a simple minded fool with no future
She is a black hole consuming the lives of those she loves as she goes
She is a terror on society
She is a worthless form riding in the breeze of life
She is a soiled scrap of garbage that deserves to be stomped on and thrown away as if she was nothing
She is the filthiest and most tainted tragedy to ever be created
She doesn't understand how she has lasted this long
She asks why, why cant I just disappear and forget everything
She asks why can't I just die and get it over with
Then I say to her
You cant die because you are loved
You cannot forget because there is much good, more bad yes, but some good
You cannot disappear because you will be missed greatly
You are not tainted nor soiled, you simply were a victim
You are not worthless, you are strong
You are not garbage, you are gold
You may consume the life's of those you love but they consume yours as well
you are not a terror on society, you a light in the darkness of reality
you are not a simple minded fool, you are a unique soul
A needed soul
A loved soul
A treasured soul
A golden soul
A soul and physique full of life that is cherished by all who come into contact with you
You are a golden butterfly flying softly through life
Loved by those who even see you in their presence
Remember this and you shall live, I swear