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kpop is going to be the reason I end up poor lol. if you follow Tablo on snapchat, he uploaded this snap. *sigh* I hope this will be after the summer. If you have snapchat follow him (@bornhaters)
@KpopJunkiesTV Agreed on city size but that still doesn't explain why promotions like SM Entertainment don't tour Chicago and Phoenix. It's always LA/NY.
I'm tryna mentally put Dallas on that list since its been getting some kpop love for the past year but I know those 3 cities are going to be on there. And the fact that epik high was alread in texas last month idk if they would come back so soon v.v but I wasnt able to go see them @Spudsy2061
I home they come to LA! I love Epik High..
Perhaps their prior attendance to Texas was just a tease of more to come ♡
I understand why they pick certain cities especially bigger cities because there will most likely be a bigger fan base there but I think other cities need a chance to have a concert. I had to travel 5+ hours to every concert that I've been to and this bts concert in july I am going to have to travel almost 8 hours because I go back home during the summer. There are a lot of people like me and some even fly @Spudsy2061
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