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With Spring events popping up all over, it's a great idea to keep the elegance crisp and simple. For instance, this queen's table is dressed in white linen, china and clear stemware. But the overall tablescape is clean with ivory candles in hurricanes, limited pink florals and a generous line of pineapples down the middle. Mixed in are three-candle silver candelabras.
Notice how the simple umbrellas aren't over designed. They are kept simple with strands of lighted bulbs swagged from one to the other. The bamboo garden chairs keep to the simple theme with white comfort pads.
This is a time and money saving way to get your wedding done with ease. Keeping it simple saves time on doing all the things necessary to ensure it's perfect. Also, the simplicity of the design makes your tablescape cost significantly low.
Table For 10 Cost Breakdown:
$50 - Chairs
$25 - Candelabras
$25 - Fruits/florals
$70 - Table/stemware
$34 - (20% of budget)
$204 (Each table of 10)
Extrapolated, an event of 150 people (15 tables) would run $3,060, which is less than $5,000. Remember, you should plan to spend about 10% of your wedding budget on tablescapes, which includes chair rental.
I think it's about right. Once the people are sitting and the food is on the table it will look great. The tables in the background seem unfinished. Not sure about all that.
Too plain for my taste. I feel like it's missing some glam.
Somehow I still would want more for my money at $200 per table.
The mood of these event is so relaxing. Fresh. I'd love to do something like this for an event.