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Kellee Khalil recently wrote an article for about revamping the wedding guest book. And I couldn't agree more with the assertion that guest books have become tired and almost passe. I'd like to rehash her five great ideas to update the concept of guests signing in for your wedding.

1. Creative Juices

Let your guests get super creative by putting out a roll of paper and some acrylic paints. Who doesn't love to get tactile and create something fun and unique? Your guests will enjoy the concept and draw things that words can't express. Paper on a roll is cheap from IKEA. It retails for $4.99. Paint is cheap and can be purchased from 99 Cent or dollar stores.
If you're averse to the mess of paints, check out Crayola's Color Wonder paints and markers. The "magic" coloring tools are non-toxic and mess-free! It can be a bit more expensive than traditional paints and markers, but convenient and virtually free of cleaning. No one's going to ruin a dress or suit with these tools.

2. It's A Small World

For the globe-trotting bride and groom or for the couple with a global reach, it would be super fun and clever to turn a globe or map into the point at which your guests leave their mark. With blank tags attached to pins, guests can write their name and message and pin it onto the global map. Choosing all sorts of colors and textures of paper can liven up a plan map. Conversely, you can take a colorful map and use monochromatic elements for the paper and pins.

3. Post-it Notes

Grab your favorite book and leave assorted Post-it notes for your guests to leave hidden throughout your book. If you prefer a religious book or text, you may want to consider having your guests write their favorite verse or passage and pinning to a board or dropping in a beautiful vessel next to the book.

4. Anniversary Vessels

I love this idea! At each table, put out a beautiful vessel, such as a glass vase, and encourage your guests to write a note, draw a picture and offer wisdom. These papers get put into the container and saved. If you have 20 tables, opening one new jar on your anniversaries, will give the bride and groom 20 years of memories!

5. Plant A Tree

This idea can go one of two ways. I love them both! The first idea is to have a small potted tree at a table where guests can write their name and wishes on a paper leaf or memento, which is cataloged into a beautiful book or illustration. The second idea is to take the guest mementos and hang them on the tree as it matures. If the mementos are weather proof and elegant, it would be quite a treasure in the tree that would spark conversation, tradition, et al.
Id be terrified about having paint at my wedding. That would be a big no. But I'd say a big yes to the other ideas.
I like the Color Wonder idea the best. It's NOT messy at all. Best of the bunch
I think with so many ideas floating around, and people have been to millions of weddings these days, couples want something new, fresh and unique. These ideas have been done before but you can make them your own and have fun with them
These are really cute ideas. I love the idea about hanging tags that are weartherproof on a tree that gets planted. <3 <3 <3