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If you don't know who Colin Cowie is, then you need to do some homework. He's one of the most sought-after and world-renown experts in event design and management. Every season he's tapped for trends and advice. Recently, he spoke with the folks at Loverly (thanks for the source @marshalledgar), regarding Spring 2015. The reason I keep coming back to Colin Cowie for this sort of thing is to reinforce that your wedding isn't just about the look or feel of the event. It's also about common sense and putting your best foot forward as a host and hostess.
Cowie advises that you keep things simple; don't over complicate things. For instance, and I have talked about this before too, consider your environment. If it's an outdoor event, there is nothing wrong with utilizing a tree for hanging seating arrangements on strands of ribbon. Worried about the wind? Simply draping the ribbon a foot longer than the ground and attaching to a stake will keep it loose and elegant without making your guests chase after or untie knotted ribbons.
Keep your guests hydrated. Putting out umbrellas and canopies are not enough. You need to ensure your guests are hydrated, especially because the sunny weather can spike indiscriminately and make it uncomfortable really quickly. Cowie recommends keeping drink stations within eye sight and easily accessible. Also, make them mouth watering--delicious with the eyes--so guests are prompted to stay hydrated before it becomes a problem. Don't forget, booze and liquor are diuretics and can leave guests thirsty very quickly.
Finally, enable your guests to take in the view of their surroundings. Give guests ample visual space without a lot of clutter. That means, low-level tablescapes and limit the use of hanging elements. This is a bright and fresh way to get guests enjoying your wedding without a lot of bulky distractions.
What other things do you think would be useful for outdoor Spring weddings? Leave your notes or questions below to discuss!
Such pretty pictures.
Colin Cowie must be a big deal. I looked him up online. He works with celebrities.
Elegant. Just elegant.